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BEHIND THE SEAMS: Katya Leonovich

Taking a chance on menswear is something more and more top-level designers are doing and Katya Leonovich is no different. Ever since we went to her presentation during NYFW where Leonovich was dancing around, we truly didn't know what she'd come out with next. While chatting with Leonovich, she tells us about how she feels about foraying into menswear.

"Usually I design couture and luxury womens wear. But sometimes in my collections I show some menswear pieces which I enjoy creating. When you’re always designing womens wear, getting into menswear gives you new ideas; it’s a change of perspective, it gives me something different to challenge myself with."

As the conversation continues, we notice that Leonovich isn't just simply dabbling into menswear, but has a clear idea about the menswear industry and plans to add her signature staple to the industry. "It seems that menswear has become stagnant in the industry. Just this week I was shocked when I had heard about Details Magazine shutting down. As a designer and overall creator, I said to myself that I needed to tune it up and do something different for the guys. My menswear pieces are couture, made to order, exclusive to the wearer." She explains that she wants to find a compromise between the wearable and the extravagant, taking classic suits and jackets, putting them into non-traditional menswear materials such as neoprene, real leather, and her innovative sculptural techniques.

Leonovich's menwear collection will be debuting her menswear at her F/W 2016 collection titled "The Hurricane" and we can't wait to see what is in store. We sat down for with Leonovich a quick round of 21 Questions.

What colors represent your Winter collection?

Black, blues, neutral wolf earthy shades.

Piece you’re most excited about in your collection?

Jackets, for the ability to layer.

Typical Friday night?

Painting and relaxing with my husband at home.

Favorite NYC hotspot?

What is your favorite season?

Hurricane Season. I experience it first hand during my travels to Bermuda, and it was absolutely beautiful and representative of life in general.

Label your design aesthetic.

Luxury punk.

Three favorite designers besides yourself?

Maison Margiela, Alexander McQueen, Fiorucci.

Symphony you last listened to?

"Bitches Brew" by Miles Davis.

Glass half empty or half full?

Always half full!

Books or movies?

Have to choose both!

Dream destination?

Always Italy.

Video or board games?

Neither is very appealing, but board games.

Favorite material to work with?


Favorite country?


Favorite color?

Purple. It's my favorite!

Favorite scent?


Early bird or night owl?

Both. In the morning I have my rational ideas and in the evening I have my creative ideas.

Watercolors or acrylic paints?


One thing you absolutely need in your life?


One thing you love?

To make love!

Word to live by?


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