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RUNWAY RUNDOWN: NYFW/FW16 2.11-2.13.16

2.13.16/6pm: Diesel Flagship Store Launch

Kicking things up a notch this NYFW, Diesel decided this would be a perfect time to launch their new flagship store on Madison Avenue. We're sure with the new direction from creative director Nicola Formichetti, the brand will be at Madison Avenue to stay. Waiting until "everybody was in town," Formichetti decided this was the time to throw an extravagant party at the new location and then to rent out a mansion just a few blocks away. Throwing back to the good ol' NYC club days, each room was filled with a different musical act - Joe Jonas rocking out in one room, a jazz band in another room, and the headliner of the night, Travis Scott in the main room. The party was meticulously put together by Sydney Reising, and we couldn't help but bounce from room to room. Hosted by socialite Lady Fag, guests we were most excited to see included Charli XCX, Chiara Ferragni, and living legend Naomi Campbell, who managed to stare at us for three seconds before the party go-fers clamored around her. No matter what your style is, Diesel's new direction under Formichetti is refreshing, elevating the brand for any of our labels to be able to wear the brand seamlessly.

2.11.16/8:30pm Ev Bessar Runway Show

We've been following Ev Bessar since first seeing Ev Bessar's line at Supreme Public Relations and doing a full feature on her creations. The highly anticipated runway show did not disappoint. Having front row seats, we loved the runway covered in town black bird feathers, complementing the edginess we come to expect from Bessar's menswear creations. The overall feeling of the collection went into what Bessar is calling "the era of dark fashion," using lots of black, but showing the handmade qualities in each piece. Our favorite pieces were the asymmetric leather jackets, which were flattering on the models and showed Bessar's intricate attention to detail. Perfect for the edgy #UrbanKing, this collection was everything we dreamed about - innovative, high-fashion, and show stopping.

2.11.16/3:30pm: Malan Breton Runway Show

We always look forward to seeing what one of our favorite designers Malan Breton is going to put out, and boy does he never disappoint. Using our muse Rain Dove in both mens and womens wear, the lines between both collections were blurred at times - and we couldn't get enough. Breton used his trademark Asian brocade that he told us about, a specialized technique he learned back in his hometown of Taiwan. The use of the color Scarlett added a royalty to his collection, with the men finally being able to wear their womens look counterpart.

Written by Nisim Frank

Malan Breton Photographs by Andrew Werner

Diesel Photographs provided by SRC

Ev Bessar Photographs provided by Supreme PR

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