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IN CROWD: McQ Capsule Release Party

Not exactly understanding what I was about to walk in to, my stylish friend and I exited our shared Uber and said our name to a man holding a list. Packed to it's fullest, the Liberty Concept space was filled with the in crowd. Black leather incorporated into almost every outfit, we instantly knew it was where we belonged.

After getting a drink from the sponsored bartenders of Cocktail Academy, we took a quick gander at the small capsule collection "Swallow" by McQ. McQ, McQueens contemporary brand, is represented by this particular bird due to a research in the archives of past McQueen runway shows. The Swallow is to McQ as the skull is to McQueen, and one of the patches even had a swallow with skull markings to solidify the branding. Birds were a major inspiration to McQueen which is why this was such a prevalent and important capsule to premiere at this pop-up.

The nights soundtrack was backed by DJ LAFAWNDUH who was lucky enough to have a stage in the upper loft portion of the gallery. Artist, Jesse Draxler created the backdrop of enlarged photos in black and white. Scotch tasting in the back, and a particularly amazing swag bag to boot, the night was indefinitely worth leaving the east side for an hour or two.

cocktail academy

McQ swallow mcqueen

mcQ swallow mcqueen
jesse draxler

highland park scotch

article and images by Amelia Williams

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