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GROOMED: Maintain Your Mane

We sat down with Jesse Jory on a sunny afternoon to discuss men's hair trends and the best way to

keep your hair healthy without breaking the bank. With many men currently growing our their long locks, we wanted to know the lowest maintenance possible for the man on the go.

1. Shampoo as you normally would. However, keep the shampoo in your hair for at least one minute. Wash your face and body while you let it sit.

According to Jory, this will open up the cuticles so your conditioner will be able to soak into your hair instead of just being on the surface.

2. Condition your hair, but again, let it soak for a minute or so.

"It will soak into the hair cuticles and will also close the hair cuticles, so it will give you a smoother finish, so on a microscopic level, that's what it's doing."

3. Style with light, natural-based products.

Jory suggests light and chemical free, dual purpose products like Malin and Goetz Sage. "It conditions the hair while giving it a little bit of control without feeling like there is a heavy product in it."

Stylist's Product Tip: Rudy's Barbershop x Davines Collaboration 1, 2, 3 - Eco-friendly Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash

About Jesse: Jesse Jory is a man of many talents. Studying medicine before getting into the hair styling industry, Jory currently works at Rudy's Barbershop, which he gives much praise. His eclectic background has given him a very specific and detailed look into different ways on improving your hair and continuing to keep your hair healthy.

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