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EYHO NY: American Whiskey

One of the most difficult areas to eat in New York City is Midtown. Tourist central, LIRR, NJIT and Madison Square Garden - the surrounding options suck to say the least. If you're looking for something just a little bit more classy than Hooters, American Whiskey is it. This bar has everything that a grown man now wants in his man-cave - unusual beers on tap, an extensive drink menu for their dates, and classic American food done right. Walking right in, there is a huge bar, with each floor having its own separate area, perfect for our labeled #jockofalltrades. Sitting down right in the back of the bar area, we had the pleasure of experiencing what my friend described as "the most awkward first date with a dire need of strong cocktails." Overhearing the conversation next to us, we immediately checked out American Whiskey's impressive and extensive cocktail menu.

American Whiskey's signature cocktail is the "Strike Me Dead," which contains Rittenhouse Rye, pink peppercorn, vanilla, and blackstrap bitters. Proceed with caution if having more than one of these - it will strike you dead in your tracks due to taste and alcohol content. For those looking for something a bit more fruity and guys who just don't give a fuck about having a "girly looking drink," the "Tall & Handsome" is a standout on the menu. Plantation pineapple rum, absinthe, genepy des alpes, (wormwood liquor), mixed with lime, cinnamon and angostura bitters, topped off with a fresh pineapple. "Fruity but strong" is what we hear people order at the bar often and the "Tall & Handsome" hits the nail on the head in every facet. The flavors mesh well together where the fruitiness of the pineapple and the absinthe/genepy des alpes synchronize harmoniously.

All the food served at American Whiskey (sliders excluded) is meant to be shared, and we started with grilled cheese and tater tots. While these sound basic, American Whiskey elevates them to the next level. The grilled cheese isn't oily at all, made with buttered bread, melted Fontina basil cheese and crushed red peppers to give it that extra kick you normally don't get from a grilled cheese. The side of tater tots were elevated as well with shaved grana padano and a black pepper mayo, which complemented the tots to perfection. For meat lovers, the obvious - and only - choice is the burger. If you don't trust us, trust the fact that the every table around us ordered one.

247 West 30th Street, New York, NY

By Nisim Frank

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