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IN CROWD: Cazel Eyewear Anniversary Party

Cinco de Mayo is always a cause for celebration and this year was no exception. We celebrated in style at mens sunglass brand Cazal Eyewear's fortieth anniversary at the Limelight Shops in Chelsea. Each and every guest was greeted warmly by host Marie, making you feel at home as soon as you walked in. Guests were taking pictures abundantly with hashtag #CazalTurns40 in order to win a free pair of Cazal eyewear - a great way to meet other guests! We chatted with A&R music rep Courtney J about the latest trends in music and of course, her on-fleek white hair. The hair trend of the summer for men is "experimentation without going too far out," she tells us. While I might not be rocking the white hair, it's a great time for all of our labels to try something new with their 'do.

Cazal Eyewear originally gained its popularity in the 1980s, when it was embraced by inner-city youths who quickly deemed the bold, gold trimmed, large designs as “status wear." Since then, they've been seen on celebrities such as Beyonce, Nas, Carmelo Anthony, Gwen Stefani, and Rick Ross - who has their logo tattooed on him! Never losing its 1980's hip-hop appeal, the 2016 collection is modern while paying homage to where Cazal came from. Just to our left, we spotted model Tyson Beckford rocking some Cazal eyewear and talking about how much he loves and wears the brand all the time. Cinco de Mayo enthusiasts got to celebrate with Baron Tequila, while others sipped on Cîroc cocktails and Luc Belaire champagne. Here's to another 40 years of the coolest classic hip-hop eyewear out there today.

Catch some "Cazal Fever" yourself at

By Nisim Frank

Photos by Jamel Martin

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