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#MusicMonday: MASZER

MASZER is a Seattle band that has evolved immensely in the past few years. Tomer-David and Joseph Braley first started out in a separate band where they met Katie as a friend and began some innocent jam sessions. But after utilizing Facebook to reconnect, the three formed MASZER and now have been on tour for the past three years.

MASZER's sound has gone through progressions and changes since their start several years ago. “It's kind of our natural sound and this was just kind of refining and writing thousands of songs, and this is what kind of ended up being our natural progression,” Braley said. The band hails from Seattle, known for its grunge feel and sound. “We became so much heavier and weirder and we didn’t talk about it, it just happened; we kind of just fell into place.”

When it comes to who inspires MASZER and influences their sound, the band had too many to name. “The list is really long from Bowie to Iggy Pop; it depends because we have done this for so long and all the things you pick up from different people influences our sound,” Tomer-David said. Their music mirrors their surroundings and those artists who they have been influenced by for so long. “We’re inspired by our environment and as long as you don’t hold yourself back and allow yourself to be inspired.”

MASZER uses everything from their friends’ experiences to the weather of Seattle to create their songs. These three bring the grunge to other parts of the country and “drain out the sound of the rain.”

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MASZER has a tour coming up in June and will be performing in various summer festivals as well.

Find out more about the band here and follow them on Instagram!

Interview and photographs by Amelia Williams

Written by Alexandra Taylor

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