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#MusicMonday: BASSH


What began as CJ attending Jimmy’s show and recording the set for him as a stranger in the crowd turned into what we now know as the band Bassh. CJ hails from Charlotte, while Jimmy is an Irishman. After CJ showed his fandom a bit and gave the recording to Jimmy, the two began to play bar gigs and now it has been four years and they are still creating music.

The duo thought of the name to be different than other bands. They wanted a one syllable catcher, “a party and a song,” as they put it. “Our inner animals can’t spell, so we can be called the Dyslexic Tigers.” They describe their sound as “emo ruckus kind of, and a little bit groovy.” “We focus on the words to create the entirety of the song,” they said. While they do not pinpoint specific artists who influence their sound, they do enjoy Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Oasis, Interpol, and The Smiths. “We take everything we have heard in our life and mold it into our sound.”

For Jimmy, his inspiration stems from his love of poetry and words.” My main vocal thing is my love for poetry for a long time; I’ve always tried to make everything poetic. To find a way to put music with word and still convey the real weight an heaviness is something I don’t think you can just make happen, you just work really hard and let go eventually.” Of course CJ chimes in with, “That’s some deep shit, bro.” He goes on to say, “We work on lyrics together, we will sit there and drink a beer and come up with a rough thing and wrap our heads around it.”


Bassh has a group of festivals coming up that they will be performing at in the Midwest region. They also have some tour dates coming up that will hopefully bring them over to the West Coast.


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Check out BASSH here and follow them on Instagram!


Interview and photographs by Amelia Williams

Written by Alexandra Taylor

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