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Michael Ngo has been drawn to the arts since he was a young boy. As a little kid he enjoyed sketching out outfits and creating new designs, but he found a passion for dancing and that is what brought him to California. “That was a creative outlet I was playing with and it came back to designing and creating. I like to choreograph and create moves and that wasn’t for me.” He then started creating outfits for himself inspired by Lady Gaga that drew him back to the world of fashion.

Now Ngo is releasing his Fall/Winter 2016 collection to the California world. “My new collection is probably my best work so far. The inspiration is a new world where it’s a play on the retro futurism. It is based on our changing futures and what I see in our futures. I pull from cultural references and make it an Eastern meets Western along with the past and the future merging together.” He also says, “ It’s going to be fun and I’m working with some collaborators to get some cool stuff done. When you work with creative people, you open doors and you get creative intercourse.”

Ngo does everything from concept pattern to producing, making it a full piece. He is inspired by KTZ, Tom Ford, and Ashton Michael and likes a blended streetwear with tailoring. “Prim and urban at the same time, I like that,” he said. He is a talented artist with an inspiration to create designs that will wow the runways. Check out his 21 Questions below.

Name Michael Ngo Star Sign Libra Favorite men's article to date? Black on black neo-mesh Biker Vest I originally made for my SS16 but decided to keep it for myself! Go-to men's accessory items? My customized patent SnapBack w/ studded-leather 'M'--I wear it almost everyday. Men's current trend you love? Souvenir jackets! Also known as the Japanese 'Sukajan'. Love that it's an all-gender trend too! Men's trend you wish would go away? Manbuns; only half of the guys rockin' it can actually pull it off. What do you LABEL your personal style? Street-luxe minimalism. I'm usually dressed in an all-black ensemble but there's always an detail/accessory/fabrication that reeally highlights the look. City you think has the best men's style? Gotta rep my city and go with LA! Los Angeles gets a bad rap for being too "trendy" or homogenized but in actuality there's so much diversity and versatility. There's a melting pot of culture, geographic style, high/street fashion, and individuality in the way guys dress themselves out here. The guy across the bar and myself may own the same article of clothing but we'd have our own way of rockin' it. Most recent “ah-ha” moment? At the end of the day you can't please everyone, but as long as you stay true to yourself and you "do you" then your artistry and creativity will thrive. Dream photoshoot location? Madison Square Garden with an epic technologic multi-dimensional stage design featuring artists and entertainers I admire decked out in my collection. It would also be my dream fashion-film shoot too! One men's designer the public doesn't know about but should? *insert shameless self-promotion* MICHAEL NGO *ahem* Minimal or more is more? Tough question. I love playing with both when I create--I like to call the marriage of the two 'Ornate Minimalism'. Next travel destination? I would love to travel to Vietnam for the first time. It was where both my parents were born and culture so important to me so it's long overdue that I experience it in the flesh. Your next spurlge… My upcoming Runway/Fashion SHOW. I have my heart set on telling a powerful story with it and I really can't wait! Your most outworn item? These pair of black DIESEL jeans that I customized and coated myself Most treasured item in your wardrobe? I have two. One is a black denim jacket I embellished with disco mirrors and mirror pyramid (mirramid?) spikes that I was wearing one time I met Lady Gaga; she signed it and said "you're f*ckin' talented!". And the other item is a vintage Diesel denim jacket from the late 80's that my dad gave to me when I was young and it really inspired me to play with my style. Silver or gold? Depends on the vibe. But I love both too much to chose--it's like being forced to pick a favorite child. Favorite breakfast food? Starbucks Iced 6-shot espresso w/ a splash of coconut milk and either a Morning Bun or a Cinnamon Raison Bagel. Long day of fittings, what’s in your bag? Designer sewing kit (the equivalent of Mary Poppin's Magic Bag), MacBook, iPhone, backup battery, pack of gum, bag of a Hasbro Gummi Bears, and my sketchbook--never leave be house without it! Go-to LA hotspot? International Silks & Woolens on Beverly Blvd, Mood Fabrics on La Brea, Downtown LA Fashion District. I call this my Trinity of Inspiration not only because they have amazing fabric but because of the people I meet are full of creativity and individuality. Words to live by? DREAM IN 4D // Turning Dreams into Reality through Discipline, Diligence, Drive & Dedication.

Find out more at & follow him on instagram imngo

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