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RUNWAY RUNDOWN: NYFW S/S 2017 9.9.2016

9.9.2016, 4:00pm: Control Sector

The men's design trio is at it again at Style Fashion Week, kicking off Friday afternoon. This time showing a slightly more minimalist aesthetic to their collection. Using a monochromatic color scheme, the black and white street-wear can be used all year round. The stand out piece for us was the white raincoat, which can replace the drab one that is probably already hanging in your closet. Another surprise was women's wear was sprinkled in the collection, minimalist and refined but keeping true to their aesthetic. Brief pops of a variety of blues added some color, making the collection fresh and ever changing.

9.9.2016, 5:00pm: Francesca Liberatore

Mainstay NYFW veteran Francesca Liberatore had one of the most sought after shows this season. The collection was based on Liberatore's "Celebration of the Feminine." Using black and white as "bookends" of strength in between vivid color palette of mandarin, turquoise, and violet. Meticulously playing with shape, the balloon-like shapes represent 'the messenger of the sky' and Liberatore pays homage to the classic 1950's silhouette. The craftsmanship of the mixed fabrics was outstanding, a specialty Liberatore can call her own. The music was perfectly curated to the collection by Parker Radcliffe, with one of our favorites "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)" by Arcade Fire, transporting our head into the clouds like Liberatore intended. Liberatore says about the collection "I believe in love and true freedom- the freedom to change. As a woman and human being, I choose to celebrate these things in these times and I hope you will join me." Playing off her own name, she continues "My name is Liberatore and I believe in freedom. I was inspired by balloons flying freely in the sky and angels carrying women up higher and higher." 9.9.2016, 7:00pm: Katie Gallagher

Ending the night with one of our favorite designers, we headed to the Lower East Side for Katie Gallagher's collection entitled "Eclipse". The SS17 collection is Gallagher's third all-black collection, following last season and her first ever collection, back in 2010. Without relying on color, the collection is based solely on fabrics, textures, and details to catch the eye. Gallagher tells us that she's "Obsessed with Gothic architecture, traditional Catholic rituals," which is why she is inspires her mysterious collection. To offset the dark inspiration she uses light and whimsical textiles. Our favorite fabric was the mesh she used for a skirt along with the sheet jackets with lace and pony fur. Gallagher refuses to conform to an idea of what fashion or a spring collection should look and that's why she's as successful as she is.


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