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LIFESTYLE: Energy Cocktails To Get You Up

In honor of the upcoming Bravo show Vanderpump Rules' premiere, we needed to find a way to mix fashion, cocktails and of course some literature to prepare us for the season of mayhem ahead.

You know the phrase, sleep when your dead? Energy Cocktails to Get You Up supports just that. If you're tired (literally) of the drab party drinks that sometimes force rest upon you, this book is for you. Written by mixologist Stephanie Russ, the recipes are created to give you a boost of energy that will crown you the last one standing. Beautiful photos and *possibly* illegal drug related suggested pairings, this book crosses the vague line of appropriateness in all the right ways.

Modeled with familiar faces and the ever-stylish party kings Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, find our favorite customized recipes below. Make sure to tune into their show, with a cocktail, or seven, in tow.

Bath & Bodyworks

Pipeline Punch is one of my current favorite Monster flavors. Bath & Bodyworks packs the punch of Monster's energy blend. Plus, the smooth tropical flavor will put you in a great mood, ready to take on a day full of music at your favorite fest.


1.5 oz pineapple vodka 4 oz Monster Energy Pipeline Punch garnish with edible flowers

Spa Water

Spa Water is a twist on a refreshing agua fresca with an energy kick that will help you stay alert during long festival party hours. The electrolytes in Gatorade will also help you stay hydrated while partying the sun.


2 oz gin

3 oz Gatorade Lime Cucumber

2 oz Monster Zero Ultra

garnish with lime

*Pairs well with a top-shelf sativa

Acid Rain

Acid and festivals go hand in hand. You may want to take the acid tab about 30 minutes before drinking the Acid Rain and enjoy the cocktail as you come up. There are no additional uppers in this drink because the acid will keep you going.


1.5 oz vodka 2.5 oz Blue Hurricane Four Loko 1 acid tab 2.5 oz lemonade (*Acid Rain originally appeared in ENERGY: Cocktails to Get You UP)

roll credits...

look 1

Sneakers Lacoste

Denim Top and Bottom from Kin Los Angeles

Sneakers Gola

look 2

sweater Lacoste

look 3

Vintage Hawaiian Top

Shorts Lacoste



Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval


Make Up:

Chanelle Chiana



Prop Stylist / Mixologist / Author


Devan Danisa and Mischa Teichgraeber


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