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EYHO LA: Cocina Condesa

Living in California, Mexican food is a plenty. Los Angeles is over saturated with this cuisine, so I have avoided it more recently as I have overloaded myself on tacos and rice. However, for this date night, I decided to give in to the temptations of the spicy nations delights and hit up Cocina Condesa. Located in Studio City, it felt like a mini escape from the busy city life.

We started with the Street Corn (pictured), the Condesa Queso (picture) and the Fried Sweet Plantains with beans. The corn and the queso were the stand out appetizers for us. I am a big fan of plantains, but the flavor in the first two dishes were so incredible they were a tough act to follow.

For our drinks, we both ordered the house margaritas (pictured). Not much of a risk taker when it comes to drinks, but it was simple, delicious and paired well with the food. As for our main course, we decided on the Steak Fajitas (pictured) and the Pollo y Papas. To be honest, by this part of the meal, we were stuffed to the brim with appetizers that it was difficult to take on our actual dinner. We did the best we could and the flavor and deliciousness continued. The portions were grand and everything tasted amazing.

Find their menu here.

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