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LIFESTYLE: The Cool Guy's Gift Guide

California Cowboy

Modern meets functional. For lack of a better word, I am OBSESSED with these shirts. So many pockets, with fleece lining, this top is perfect for layering. Take it camping or hiking, or oceanfront while watching a sunset, it suits all settings well. With an array of fun designs and colors, it's a great piece for any ensemble. shop here

AVI-8 Watches

These watches are perfect for the adventurous type. Its compass like face and interchangeable strap will be fitting for any excursion. At an affordable price, but still high quality, AV-8 has created a beautifully designed watch for all to enjoy. With infinite styles available, this will be sure to match any of your man's outfits. shop here

Born Skincare

After using Born Skincare, the first words that came to mind were, and I quote, "My skin has never looked better" I was lucky enough to try both the cleanser and the serum. The Source for Men serum was the stand out product and is highly recommended for you or your man! It smells great, but natural and leaves your skin looking fresh. shop here

OAS shoes

THROW AWAY YOUR FLIP FLOPS! OAS has come up with the perfect replacement for the mandal that drives anyone with taste insane. Their new espadrilles are fun slide on shoes that are great to pair with denim or some board shorts for the beach. Or even better, match them with some OAS trunks for ultimate beach garb. shop here

Franklin & Crew Magnetic Beer Cap Opener and Catcher

What's a nice way of saying, lazy? We don't want to put down our significant others, but sometimes finding beer caps under the fridge gets old. This bottle opener and catcher solves this problem and looks slick while doing so. The highly effective magnet set inside the wood holds up to 70 caps, so its perfect for parties and bbqs for a quick clean up at the end of the night! shop here

Groove Life

Geared towards the couples that have officially locked it down, Groove Rings swaps out your traditional wedding band for one that can withstand any outdoor adventure. Stretchy yet durable, these rings are great for the man with a sense of adventure and wants to show their love no matter what rock they're climbing. shop here



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