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#INCROWD Sebago Summer Soirée

Summer was unofficially kicked off this year by iconic shoe brand Sebago at their showroom Midtown terrace to celebrate the SS/17 release along with an exclusive preview of what is to come for Fall/Winter 17. While walking around, we noticed their new Spring line which had a lighter feel to it. Called the LITESIDES collection, these shoes are 30% lighter in weight than their normal boat shoes which is great for any #CaptainKennedy who is making their way to their latest Hamptons getaway. Their timeless collection, the "Handsewn" loafers with updated silhouettes are made by hand out of their tradition to put only the very best product on each and every man's feet. For Spring, we liked that Sebago also took a chance with exciting color-blocking combinations, which can compliment an outfit of those same colors perfectly.

After browsing the shoes, we were walking around the rooftop on a perfect sunny but not humid New York City day. Throwing it back to a true Summer party back in the day, there was a literal humongous bowl filled with Margarita. Think college jungle-juice but with a lot better tequila and not blacking out in the middle of the event. To bring that theme full circle, there was a mix of tacos, both sponsored by Tacombi. Not New York's strong suit by day, these Margaritas and tacos would stand up to any California taco shop. When we need a break from those, we got to enjoy delectable customized Sebego ice-pops which had crazy but tasty flavors strawberry rhubarb and blackberry pear ginger.

While we don't want to give too much away regarding their Fall 2017 collection, we would look out for their Classic penny loafer in black or brown embossed leather and their staple shoe 'Legacy' in fashion Fall 17 color Emerald Green.

Visit their website now (and check back for Fall) at


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