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Kesi Gibson's menswear collection is one that simply cannot be considered an afterthought. Kesi’s process begins by sourcing raw materials from a variety of fourteen countries. We sat down with Kesi recently to get an inside scoop into her work flow and the creative processes that come together to make up this elegant, boho chic brand. Kesi, tells us about the methodology behind her designs and her current lifestyle; "For now I’m enjoying being here, there and anywhere in the blink of an eye. I personally travel to 7-10 countries within a year to hand-pick raw materials and work with artisans, most of whom are women.” The emphasis on global curation is a real bonus to building her brand, Kyu By Kesi, which she built herself from the ground up. “We are setting the standard in Ethical Luxury driven by our determination to, ‘Put Humanity Back into Fashion,’” Kesi adds. “The thrill of exploring the unknown was exceeded only by the opportunity to forge deep connections and shared experiences with people I would have otherwise not met."

Design is what differentiates Kyu By Kesi. Kyu designs have a very clear human centered focal point. Kesi re-purposes traditional, elaborate fashion pieces and fuses them by using a combination of premium leather skins, hardware, etc. When it comes to menswear, she isn't afraid to use a little color which, as we know in the fashion industry, is always a struggle to find when perusing through upscale menswear. One of Gibson's favorite colors to use is beige, which is alarmingly dearth in today’s market. Personally, we are obsessed with the CECE bow tie in black which is fun, loud, and can go with your basic outfit to give it some pizazz. The attention to detail with the double layered bow and the removable leather band shows the meticulous thinking Gibson puts into every piece she makes. While at it, we also need the DADA Cardholder in black leather with just a peak of yellow, embossed snake for color.

Gibson feels very strongly not only about how her products are made, but fashion in itself; "We chose to launch with accessories, to empower our consumers with ethically-made luxury products that not only look great, but also provide a spectrum of choice and expressions to amplify individuality in specific ways. Fashion has this power, I believe, to communicate so much about you before even making eye contact." Gibson's 21 questions were just like her designs- thoughtful, meticulously detailed, and we even got to get a little personal with the woman behind the design.


Kesi Gibson

Star Sign.


Three tracks you're currently listening to.

Revelry: Kings of Leon

Love on the Brain: Rihanna

Can’t Stay Away: Kiefer Sutherland

Favorite Miami hotspot.

Drinks at The Faena

Favorite color to work with?

Beige. The artisanal inclusions are usually full of life and color so beige makes a great canvas from which we create wearable art.

Five essentials you must pack in any bag.

Lipstick, wipes, charger, perfume, scarf

How would you label your personal style?

Easy Elegance. I like the chic but effortless look and a mashup of vintage x trend x classic with an unexpected boho twist.

Night owl or day bird?

Both. I’m generally awake until about 1.30AM. I like to write at night. I love mornings. I love to have coffee while sitting with my thoughts envisioning all the possibilities while taking in the beauty of the sunrise. I look forward to the start of everyday and generally naturally wake up around 5.30AM.

Favorite midnight snack.

Bread sticks with humus and coffee.

One app you can't live without.

Whatsapp. I don’t know what I did before it.

Eternal cell phone battery life or full service anywhere anytime.

Eternal cell phone battery life. I like being off the grid, whenever possible. I use my phone for almost everything so need it always charged up.

What would you want as a superpower?

Wings. I would love to be able to fly. If I can’t have wings then a magic carpet would do.

What motivates you every morning to do the best possible job?

The desire to live a full and authentic life of unbounded discovery and creativity.

Staple piece in your wardrobe?

Blazers and oversize cardigans. I’m always cold but can’t always wear hoody. Blazers easily transition from day to night which is a bonus.

Designers you love other than your own stuff? Stella McCarthy, Everlane, People Tree, Rasteek, Gilded Age, 5001 Flavors.

Favorite piece ever created?

I’m in two minds here. I can’t live without my personal collection of NOMAD Carryalls which I use every day as I am always on the go. However, I have special feelings for The MAKEDA Clutch with hidden straps. I own 5 of these.

One styling tip you've give any guy.

A pocket square makes a world of difference.

Mens fashion trend you love going on right now.

Modern men and the murse. I think all men should get on board with this trend. Carrying stuff and elegance are not mutually exclusive.

Fashion Faux-Pas you notice on men.

Mid-thigh t-shirt…..not for everyone. Kayne West, Chris Brown and Rich Wilkerson made this fetch, but it’s not so fetching on all.

Piece of dating advise you'd give other women.

Don’t get lost and don’t settle. Life is short…but can feel eternal and exhausting when stuck with underwhelming people. You can socialize with everyone – but it’s ok to be picky about who you date.

Words to live by.

Mean what you say. Character is everything. Be...unconditionally.

Find more about Kesi Gibson's creations at

By Nisim Frank

Photographer: Yana Uvarova

Wardrobe Stylist: FAB Amore

Make Up Artist: Valentina

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