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Before NYFW kicks off, we were treated to a special live stream runway show all the way from Sweden, courtesy of tennis legend turned fashion house Björn Borg. This spectacular followed in the industry's see-now-buy-now fashion show called VERSUS Borg, at the Royal Tennis Hall in Stockholm. The show was split between two contrasting armies of models entering the crystal white tennis court. The first 'army' epitomized the retrospective of the 1970's where Borg made his name as a tennis legend and the iconic 70's sportswear. The second 'army', was a futuristic take on what sportswear might become in the near and far future. The drapery of the oversized coats combined with the tube socks was the perfect example of Borg's ode to the 70's with the modernized tailoring of today.

The stylist of the show, Brit Tom Guiness told us his inspiration on how he managed to seamlessly dress two shows as one, "Björn Borg was a pioneer of personal endorsements making some of the most stylish and recognizable collaborations really early on, and with that said the references are of course Borg’s personal style in the 70’s which was ground-breaking for a European sports star. But I also drew inspiration from the disco era and the graphic color blocking of 1970’s sportswear." Guinness gave a contemporary interpretation of the limited edition Signature Collection that highlighted the tracksuits in bold colors, sweatbands and sneakers which were standouts from the collection. We loved the use of green and navy, colors that aren't often seen in most sportswear collections.

The VERSUS Borgrunway show can be seen at and the Björn Borg Collection is now launched and available to shop online.

Pictures courtesy of Björn Borg's team.

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