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BEHIND THE SEAMS: Angela Mitchell Footwear

Mens Fall fashion is when men's taste can really shine through- when flip-flops and sandals are replaced by pristine-looking shoes. Italian brand Angela Mitchell has expanded their line to debut their men's collection this Fall. Created by designer sisters Krystal and Marilyn Lavoie along with Vanessa Joy Lehman, this collection offers an array of intricately detailed men's shoes made from superior-grade Italian leathers meticulously produced in northern Italy. The quality of the shoes are supreme and are definitely worth the investment. Each shoe made also comes with integrated padding for the soles- provided at the extreme pressure points of the foot for the utmost comfort. The rich leathers are what makes the shoes stand out from a sea of mens shoe designers. We managed to snag the Italian team for a quick Q &A about their brand's beginnings, the use of rich Plum in their color palette, and some crazy requests put forth by their new male clientele.

Labeling Men: Tell us about how the concept of the brand started.

Angela Mitchell Team: The concept of the brand started many years ago when we, Krystal and Marilyn Lavoie, started brainstorming our ideas, vision and goals to create a timeless brand that would keep us passionate and be recognized worldwide. Each detail is thought through to have a valuable significance. The name Angela Mitchell was actually our mother's birth name before she was adopted; Krystal Angela Mitchell.

L.M: What distinguishes your brand from other menswear lines?

A.M: We keep our menswear line classic with bold details while paying attention to our customer’s desires.

LM: What is the significance of using Swarovski Crystals on the back of your shoes?

A.M: The Swarovski Crystals on the back of every shoe signifies our mother’s first name at birth ; Krystal . As every crystal has its own significance , we specifically chose the color black as it symbolizes power, protection and security.

L.M: Do you have a favorite fabric that you're drawn to?

A.M: Satin ! We love the high luster effect and luxurious feel of the fabric.

L.M: We love that you use the color Plum, which is unique to menswear, tell us what inspired you to use it?

A.M: We always keep our brand's vision in mind while selecting leathers ; classic with bold details .

For this reason, we selected this rich plum color because it can be perfectly styled with a nice suit as well as a casual chic outfit.

L.M: Any crazy special requests by any of your male clients?

A.M: Yes ! Surprisingly , men have requested our women Lauviah design to be made for them.

We also have crazy upcoming designs for men which will be seen in our future collections … we can’t wait to present them.

L.M: Can you tell us any future plans for the brand?

A.M: We are working a lot on expanding the mens collection for it to have more details and textures, as well as currently working with different countries to expand globally.

Shop the Angela Mitchell mens collection here.

By Nisim Frank

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