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IN CROWD: Dylan Dili Record Listening Party

Hearing a record before its released to the public is a treat, which is why we were thrilled to head to a Greenpoint Brooklyn loft to listen to Dylan Dili's "Pain 2 Power". Dili, who is best known from "Da Band", has continued to make music and is now releasing an album. Not just an ordinary listening party, the loft lead to a huge courtyard, where traditional Island food was served throughout the evening- we had the fucking best Mac n' Cheese and Empandas we've had in a long time. Cocktails were sponsored by Ciroc- how fitting after all these years- was flowing for guests to enjoy.

A few hours later, the man of the hour himself Dylan Dili went up to introduce his pride and joy "Pain 2 Power". On screen, we saw the infamous clip of Diddy ordering member of "Da Band" to march to Brooklyn to get him a cheesecake. Dili talked about how this lead him to where he is now, grateful that he had to go through everything he did, hence the album name "Pain 2 Power". Celebrities that were seen raving about the album included stylist Pilar Scratch who called it "One of the greatest bodies of art" she's heard in a long time. We personally enjoyed Dili's collaboration with new artist Nefatari. a hot new artist who complimented the track perfectly. What struck us the most was how Dili went around to each person, personally introducing himself and later on, putting that passion into his live performance. Dylan Dili's is back on the music scene and he is here to stay.

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