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#MUSE Nicole Rose Stillings

A Friday summer night riding up in a car with strangers to a Wyclef John album release- what could go wrong? Well when the first person jumps out of a moving van, you know you're in for quite a treat. With a stroke of luck- or fate would have it, I was sat next to it-girl Nicole Rose Stillings who was taking a night off to enjoy somebody else's party- for once! Once we arrived, Stillings was still in "DJ Mode" as she gathered friends and strangers alike to party the night away. While staying in touch on and off, Stillings' career over the past year has skyrocketed while we managed to get an interview with her right after New York Fashion Week.

Stillings, who is better known as DJ Rosé, is jet-setting all over the world, from The Hamptons, Los Angeles, and even London. A mixture of girly-girl with a tom-boy flair, Stillings style is painted nails, flower dresses, t-shirts, and whatever she is feeling at the moment. When talking to her about where she loves to get away, she tells us "My favorite to get away spot is St. Barths because it is not only a great place for music, but for your soul as well." Not just your boring everyday DJ, Stillings has curated playlists for Saks 5th Avenue, Gilt, showing the rare ability to not only play music to 'pump up a crowd', but can tailor her music to specific clients and audiences. Ahead of the crowd, she has already partnered with rosé company Whispering Angel whom she partners with them on a regular basis.

Affable as can be, DJ Rosé sat down for our #21Questions where she reveals her favorite current tracks, Summer hotspots, and the mens fashion trend she's loving right now.

1. Name & star sign.

Nicole Rose Stillings... Better known as DJ Rosé and a Libra!

2. Three tracks you're currently listening to.

So tough since I do this all day!

Tove Lo- Disco Tits

My Love - Wale (Joe Maz Remix)

Autograf Feat Lils - You Might Be (Gianni Kosta Extended Mix)

3. Favorite NYC hotspot.

This summer's been all about the Hamptons for me so I'm just getting settled into fall in the city. I'm super out of touch with what's new in New York but still digging Paul's Casablanca and The Lately.

4. The Hamptons, Montauk, or Providence for summers?

Def Hamps! 100%

5. Key(s) to a successful event.

Killer music- but I might be biased ;).

6. Craziest party crasher you've had to throw out.

I haven't thrown someone out since highschool. And I left that mean girl spirit at graduation.

7. Craziest party you've ever done yourself.

I'm at so many events and parties for work I'm not sure I've even had time to crash in ages. Maybe the Herve Leger BCBG after party at Boom Boom Room years back, which I ended up DJing last year.

8. Night owl or day bird?

Night owl... If I could dance all night and sleep all day ... I would.

9. Favorite midnight- or 3:00am- snack.

Bacon pepperoni pizza from Patsy's.

10. One snack you can't live without.

The skinny girl in me says hummus but real talk? Spinach artichoke dip.

11. Choose: Eternal cell phone battery life or full service anywhere anytime.

Eternal battery life

12. East Coast or West Coast?

East Coast

13. What motivates you every morning to do the best possible job?

My morning meditation routine ;)

14. Favorite Destination.

St. Barths

15. What is the quality you love most in someone you're attracted to?

Funny & fearless

16. One styling tip you've give any guy.

Cover up your pimples, please.

17. Mens fashion trend you love going on right now.

Patent sneakers & ripped jeans.

18. Dream celeb crush.

Let's go with Hot Since '82, Le Youth or Ben from The Knocks.

19. How to tell you're with a "fuckboy"

I'm inclined to say we all know... You get that feeling in your gut.

20. Piece of dating advise you'd give other girls.

Seek out partners that are a good fit for you and not vice versa. Know what you want and don't be afraid to own that. We're all neurotic but it's a choice what kind of neurosis we choose to be around.

21. Words to live by.

You get what you give.

Top picture credited to Hassan Kinley

Middle picture credited to Victor Spinelli

Bottom picture credited to Travis Keyes

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