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IN CROWD: Anthony Urso Release Party

The trick with menswear is to not see the same redundant pieces, masquerading as new. The brand new Anthony Urso Collection made sure that this was not going to be the case. The collection took athleisure-wear to the future- and lets face it, that trend has been done years ago. Comprising of Italian fabrics which were then shipped to the U.S.A where all the pieces were then designed and manufactured. The collection had everything from tanks, bomber jackets, t-shirts, and more- but our favorite was the velour tracksuit. Urso told us that it was inspired by the 1980's and his uncle who would "Come home from the day, wearing a suit and tie and wouldn't start the night until he changed into his velour tracksuit with the big gold chain hanging down". We loved that Urso modernized the jacket, where any man can throw it on for a night with the boys.

Filling our cups up with overflowing champagne, we further delved into the collection with Urso who mentioned that the idea of the collection is "clothing that you can not only wear comfortably inside, but transition into looking nice outside for a dinner". We enjoyed the versatility of the line, from #prep to #urbanking, there isn't a single man out there who can't shop the collection and find a wardrobe staple. The collection ranges from $100-$500 and can be shopped now. We have our eye on the Sicilian Tracksuit which is fresh to the otherwise monotonous classic menswear out there. Urso has hit the mark with his debut collection and we can't wait to see what he comes out with next.

To learn more or to shop the collection, visit:

By Nisim Frank

Photos provided by AMP3

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