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IN CROWD: CAT Footwear SS18 Preview

Fall has arrived in New York City and CAT Footwear's semi-annual press preview is an event we look forward to every season. This year, the brand was focused on going BOLD, aptly naming this season #GoBoldly. The idea from CAT is to further push their fashion and innovation while maintaining the rugged structure men have come to expect from CAT Footwear. The Fall 2017 collection emphasizes the latter, consistently coming up with bold boots being able to withstand the harsh Northeast winters. Whether rain, sleet or snow, we can personally attest since their very first event in 2014, that CAT Footwear has gotten us through any weather conditions New York City has thrown at us. A new component to the brand is the Vibram Arctic Grip outsoles which allows one to walk over ice without slipping- a must have for any NYC dweller in the dead of winter. The Spring 2018 preview a new range of boots powered by the brand's latest technological updated- FlexFWD. This offers lightweight comfort along with durability. Picking up the boots ourselves, we were marveled at how just how light they were and cannot wait to try a pair in the next couple of months.

Staying on theme with this season's #GoBoldly campaign, CAT packed in their showroom space with their latest obsessions. In addition to a boatload of boots (one for each guest in fact!), guests enjoyed bold flavors and guilty pleasures. Our favorites were the trio of warm, mouth-watering Sigmunds Pretzels, deep-fried Mozzarella Cheese by Big Mozz, and, torched ice cream by Bona Bona. The boldest statement CAT put on was bringing in Brooklyn's Smith Street Tattoo Parlour who were on-site tattooing designs directly to party goers' new boots. Limitless options allowed each guest to receive a one-of-a-kind boot tailored to their personality. Taking things to the next level, there was a beer pong tournament with a $1,000 prize to the winners. While we didn't take home the big prize, we did make it to the semi-finals, enjoying some good ole PBR while we're at it. Just when you think CAT Footwear can't one-up itself, they managed to do so this time!

To check out more of CAT Footwear, visit their website here and scroll through our photo gallery for highlights of the event.

Images by Peter Roessler and provided by AMP3.

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