#StyleGuide Holiday Grooming Edition 2017

This season, grooming has become a focal point here at Labeling Men. Here are our favorites to keep yourself (or your man) groomed from head to toe.

1. Kiehl's Limited Edition Body Scrub Soap Bar- A great compliment to your everyday soap, Kiehl's rich and indulgent bar soap gently exfoliates, leaving your skin smooth. The festive design made by UK graphic artist Kate Moross is perfect for the holidays. The scrubs come in three flavors- Grapefruit, Coriander, and Lavender. At $12, the soaps don't break the bank while giving you a quality Kiehl's product for the holidays. We recommend using three times a week in addition to your daily soap or body wash.

2. Dove Hair & Care - If we learned anything from our session with Dove and celebrity hairstylist Jonny Villanueva, it is that all men- well 86% according to Dove's research- actually care about taking care of their hair. Dove is known for their fresh cleanliness without the harshness that other brands may have on your skin. They infuse their hair products with sage which naturally soothes the scalp and leaves your hair smelling fresh for up to 24 hours. Our #labelingman loves a product that is functional and can be used daily which any one of their 11 products could be. We recommend mixing and matching and gift wrapping together for the holiday spirit. Three products combined come in under $20 which is a good budget for most who have to spend on multiple people.

3. Go-Comb Matte Black Comb- Hair on a man can be sexy as hell, but one gust of wind and its all over the place...until 'Go-Comb' comes to the rescue. The great thing about go-comb is jus that- it fits into the sleekest of wallets and is very lightweight. Made from precision-crafted stainless steel and coated with a smooth finish, they are built to last while giving you on-the-go grooming. Our personal favorite is the true matte black finish, which blends in easily into any wallet you may have. Multiple functionality is a must these days and the fact that this comb doubles as a bottle opener is pretty amazing if you ask us. At $15.99, it is affordable and sleeker then the price indicates. On some products, you can also get a custom inscription which is always a nice extra touch.

Editor's Note: This particular comb is a 'fine tooth comb' which means it works best on short hair styles and short to medium beards.

4. Old Spice Swagger Set- Men want to smell just as good as women and the Old Spice Swagger Set is the perfect three piece gift for just that. Not your grandfather's Old Spice, the 'Swagger' scent is fresh, young, and keeps on going all day long. The gift set features two of our favorite products from the brand, the Sweat Defense Anti-Perspirant which is great to throw in your gym bag and the Dirt Destroyer Body Wash which we recommend using every day. At $14.99, not only do you get those two products, but they also throw in a 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner which is great to have as a backup in case you run out of either product. A tongue-in-cheek added bonus is the iconic "manly socks", perfect for wearing on Christmas Eve and the holidays.

5. Bamboo Pre-Shave Scrub- Shaving can be a huge pain in the ass and a secret we've learned is a great pre-scrub is just as important as any other step in the shaving process. Pacific Shaving Company came out with Bamboo Pre-Shave Scrub which literally removed your dead skin cells in a simple wash. What we like most about the product is that it moisturizes the skin instead of drying it out like other scrubs do. The secret is always in the ingredients- they use natural bamboo to exfoliate the skin, willow bark extract, and aloe to soothe the skin. A bonus is that the scrub is fragrance free which allows the product's natural ingredients to shine through.

6. One Blade Black Tie After Shave- Trust us when we say a great after shave goes a long way for men. Winter is arriving and that means skin gets dried out and chapped. The most important tip for men is to get an alcohol-free based product for your skin as the alcohol tends to dry it out quickly. One Blade uses lavender in their product which acts as a natural moisturizer. One use a few minutes after you shave or trim your facial hair is all you need. $24.95 for 90ML.

7. Flosstime- Part of grooming is teeth and there is nothing worse than having crumby stuff stuck in between your teeth at a holiday party. What we love about this is the company was found by three men who merge their respective talents into this unique product. Simply hang Flosstime on your bathroom where it hangs seamlessly while dispensing the perfect amount of floss with a single touch. If you subscribe, the starter package is under $40, and $5 refills come every three months. We recommend subscribing as its cheaper than buying it from the drug store without all the hassle.

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