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Dove Men+Care has consistently come out with some of the best affordable grooming products out on the market, and their Foaming Body Wash is no exception. Dove Men+Care first ever foaming body hydrates the skin and rinses off quickly. For guys that don't necessarily like to moisturize daily, the body wash keeps the body smooth and doesn't dry out the skin. A benefit that we enjoyed about this particular body wash is the lightness of the aroma. With other mens body washes, they can add this heavy perfume-like smell that conflicts with colognes. Most men want to smell natural and fresh, which is what the Foaming Body Wash makes you feel. Use this daily and get total skin comfort with a clean, crisp scent.

Benefits to a Men’s Skin:

The daily body wash leaves you feeling fresh, moisturized, and clean.

Stylist’s Tip:

Daily cleansing Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Foaming Body Wash can be used every day which would help hydration of the skin. It is especially important for men who have dry skin to use this product especially during the winter.


Nutrium Moisture™ technology- The instant foaming and hydrating body wash helps skin retain its natural moisture. This technology is exclusive to Dove and works wonders on the skin.

Buy a 13.5oz bottle here!

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