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GROOMED: DOVE MEN+CARE Dandruff Defense Shampoo

Dove Men+Care consistently comes out with some of the best affordable grooming products out on the market, and their shampoo for Dandruff Defense is no exception. Those pesky white flakes always fall off at the worst times- while in a meeting in your crisp black suit, on a first date wearing a navy polo, or worst of all, in pictures! The best men's shampoos don't just smell great or clean, it does everything and more which is what the Dove Men+Care Dandruff Defense does. Take a look below to see what makes this shampoo a cut above the rest.

Benefits to a Men’s Skin:

The daily shampoo will leave your head and hair visibally flake-free and feeling fresh.

Stylist’s Tip:

Men who have dandruff should use this as their regular shampoo to maintain their dandruff. If you have mild dandruff, use in the winter months where the scalp will produce more dandruff.


Zinc- Known for helping with dandruff while also having anti-inflammatory benefits, it soothes the skin.

Buy a 12oz bottle here.

By Nisim Frank

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