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GROOMED: Kiehls Body Fuel Deodorant

Men's deodorants are one of the hardest products to choose from. There are hundreds of choices with powders, gels, sticks, sprays, and everything else in between. Trying to find a deodorant that works for you isn't always easy- between breaking out, sweating, or ugly white marks on your shirts, its a lot more of a daunting task then it seems. Luckily, Kiehls has a Body Fuel Deodorant that gives you up to 48-hour protection while going on without that ugly sticking feeling. We love the cooling sensation while applying, making any #labelingmen feeling fresh throughout the day.

Benefits to Everyday Men's Use:

Smell fresh while being gentle to your skin and no sweat marks.

Stylist’s Tip:

Use a little bit each time, the product does not need to be applied liberally.

Key Ingredients:

Caffeine - Surprisingly, not just in coffee! Caffeine actually has been proven to reduce the appearance of puffiness & redness when used in skincare products.

Vitamin C - An antioxidant which is known for its ability to improve aging skin while reducing roughness and wrinkles around the sensitive area.

Zinc- Known for its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory benefits, it soothes the skin.

At a retail price of $16.00 for 2.5 oz. , it's an affordable everyday product which is a serious upgrade while not ruining your clothing!

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