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Clyde May's Straight Rye Whiskey

Fall is upon us and honestly we love a good Whiskey. Here is our unfiltered review on Clyde May's newest product.

Released on September 1st, the newest addition to Clyde May's lineup has come just in time for Fall. Aged for a minimum of three years, the flavors really get to sit together for a while. When tasting, we first experienced an initial fruity sweetness with apricot and citrus, finished off with some spicy "wood-like" spice. This combines both the full-body taste with a little bit of dry at the end. Introducing the new product in fall was planned by Clyde May's president, Roy Danis who states:

"Given the excellence of the product and current market trends, this is the perfect time to release this new expression." "Rye is not new to those who knew Clyde." “In fact, it was the only spirit that the bootlegger made and kept for himself, so this spirit truly honors his craft and dedication. Clyde made his rye in Alabama in open pot stills with fresh Alabama spring water and the finest local ingredients."

We're a sucker for back-stories and Clyde always has a great one. We recommend drinking this on the rocks or in a Manhattan straight up to truly enjoy the taste.

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