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#KiehlsGiftingWorkshop Soho Pop-Up Event

The holiday season is once again upon us which means the best pop-ups in New York City are starting to spring up! Kiehl's, a Labeling Men favorite, always takes their concept projects to the next level, truly creating a festive pop-up right in the heart of Soho. Guests were treated to Prosecco and white wine, courtesy of Ruffino...but then came out the warm Mulled Wine, just in time for the holidays! Soothing and delicious with a classic cinnamon stick in every cup, it put us in the festive mood immediately. The entire shop was decorated as one big festive cheery holiday and we couldn't get enough of it!

Heading to the back, we checked out the gifting workshop which in three simple steps, you can customize your very own Kiehl's gift for you and/or loved ones! First, choose your own packaging which comes in anywhere from solids black and beige, to festive prints and Christmas red. The next step is to prep your present with wrapping paper and lastly, to fill it up with different colored confetti stuffing! The customized and interactive experience is very important nowadays for each person to really feel like they are getting a one-of-a-kind gift. The cupcakes from Magnolia with sugar mittens added a nice touch to the festivities- in addition to being a long-time favorite of ours! All of the art in the store along with the wrapping paper prints were made by artist Andrew Bannecker. A special gift for each guest were original ornaments hand-painted by Bannecker who was on hand to sign them for guests.

We are not exaggerating when we say Kiehl's is making the most out of every inch this space has to offer. In addition to packing the store with affordable travel-sized products, they are also offering a variety of Healthy Skin Workshops which you can sign up for here. As they did for us at the launch, their experts will be able to demonstrate the best skin-care products for you and how to apply them properly. While we can't choose what the coolest thing in the store is, their wall filled with different colored ornaments is an #Instagram photo opportunity you simply can't deny. While you can take your picture in the reflection, having somebody (in this case, Kiehl's photographer Debbie-Jean Lamonte) take a picture of you while you're taking a picture of yourself is taking that #instaworthy shot to the next level.

Scroll out some more of our photos below and visit Kiehl's Pop-Up Shop at 513 Broadway between Spring Street and Broome Street.

Article by Nisim Frank.

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