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Bebar's Pop-Up

We love pop-ups in the city and from May 23rd to May 28th, Manhattan Wreck (MW) put together a pop-up installation for a new collection from the renown Parisian Artist Bebar. Located at 318 Canal Street, the space was completely transformed from a blank canvas, to Bebar's artistry literally all over- from floor to ceiling. The stunning display of vibrant colors, Bebar's mastery of graffiti between figuration and abstraction is unparalleled. We love the greens, pinks, blues, and yellows that mix together to create piece after piece of stunning art. Bebar's project is his "interpretation of the modern women, capturing femininity without nudity." What is truly beautiful about it is Bebar's decision to focus on the "beauty found in the window of the soul and sacralized the eye."

The art instillation is just one of the new projects for the "ON CANAL" neighborhood revitalization project, which opened in late July of last year by digital branding agency and activation specialist, Wallplay and Vibes Studios. The pop-ups will include emerging artists, youthful street culture, and redefining the pop-up atmosphere as we know it. While we loved Bebar's artistry, we couldn't help but be impressed by the Manhattan Wreck duo, Sam Limata and Eric Madonna. The two of them are really taking these blank spaces, merging music, fashion and contemporary art into a singular dynamic activation pop-up, changing how things are done yet again.

The event was sponsored by Jaggermeister where guests were treated to fresh cocktails of their choosing, re-inventing how this liquor is used. We loved the little mini-bottles that guests were treated to which we haven't seen anywhere before. Guests kept complimenting the space and how Manhattan Wreck got so much into a small area without it seeming remotely crowded. On-lookers outside were wondering what was happening in the middle of Canal street which is exactly the point of these stunning transformative spaces.

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