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 top: cohen & sons | denim: dope | sneakers: nike 

 top: nike | pants: duvin | sneakers: nike | hat: onlyny

top: blissker | denim: dope | jacket: Michael Stars | hat: onlyny

musel: preston alan denunzio

photos: amelia williams


We first had Emma Myles on our radar when we met at the Kiehls Pride Event. We were immediately clamoring at the chance to get to know more about just who the Orange Is the New Black star is. At a Wednesday...

Nick Hawk has done it all...literally and figuratively. One of the lead stars of Showtime's series Gigolos, Hawk has parlayed his talents from the show into a wide range of projects - making music videos, putting out sex toys (to rave reviews!) and even being a Pi...

What if we told you that we found the perfect guy? No, really. Personal chef, master photographer, charity work in Nicaragua, and an ease about him that most men don’t have. However, don’t mistake Adam Kenworthy’s relaxed demeanor as laissez-faire. He is fiercely passi...

If you’ve never heard the name Xavier Samuel, you will soon. The young Aussie actor is making a name for himself, not only in his homeland but in the States as well, with roles in films alongside such celebrities as Naomi Watts, Kate Beckinsale, Chloe Sevigny, James Mc...

 TOP: Vintage / Melrose Trading Post

Denim: H&M

 Shirt: H&M

Jacket: Top Man

Denim: H&M

Model: Johnny Gates

Photos by Amelia Williams

Graffiti is everywhere - every street corner, every mailbox, every subway station. But do you ever really take the time to look at what has been written on the walls? If you take a moment, you may just find some pretty incredible artwork. Graffiti artists and “writers”...

Brent Taalur Ramsey was always something of an enigma to me. We first met years ago at Mao PR's 15 year anniversary party. While remaining in contact via Facebook, it wasn't until I ran into Taalur at the Zachary Prell presentation that we got reacquainted through...

Freshly signed to Wilhemina, Gianni Di Cioccio is booking jobs at Gilt, Blue & Cream, and VK Nagrani, where we first met him while on the job at the latter's NYFWM event. Affable and charming, Di Cioccio took our attention for the night, and captivated our interest to...

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