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Light layers for a breezy afternoon.  Flannel button down with a graphic tee and joggers keep it casual enough to run errands, without taking away your fashion sense.  

Tee: Ames Bros

Flannel: AZUL by moussy

Pants: Control Sector

Watch: Elico Assoulini

Sneakers: Lacos...

Jacket & Tee shirt: Michael Stars

Pants: Control Sector


Model Preston Bailey


Look like a Jock of All Trades, act like an Urban King. This faux letterman jacket paired with joggers gives you the athletic look without having to sweat. Take off the jacket for an instant classic go-to, t-shirt and pants outfit. The pant style will add a much needed...

Upon returning to America after an unforgettable vacation in Paris, there were many "back to reality" blues I had to come to terms with. Going back to work, dealing with my uncultured friends, and the unfortunate truth that French cafes don't exist on every Los Angeles...

"What's the thing you miss most about the East Coast?," my french grandmother once asked me. With the most dead-serious look on my face, after a moment to think, I responded with, "The layering." She didn't understand the answer and my parents were annoyed by my shallo...

Feeling blue? Okay, that was dumb. But navy is our go-to this season. As innate lovers of black, we felt it was time to take a break for a more colorful palate. Hues of blue seemed like an easy choice. We always love the denim on denim look, and we wanted to get that f...

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