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In front of the camera, Tom Schwartz starts off shy; it could have been the extra set of cameras, or the fact that we had to keep music off due to the mics taped to our bras. Either way, as time passed he warmed up in front of the shutter and art was created. The way h...

Model: Preston Alan Denunzio

Photos by Jutt DaRe

Styling by Amelia Williams


Thing Thing

Axel Arigato

Pair of Thieves

I Love Ugly

Upon returning to America after an unforgettable vacation in Paris, there were many "back to reality" blues I had to come to terms with. Going back to work, dealing with my uncultured friends, and the unfortunate truth that French cafes don't exist on every Los Angeles...


Preston Alan DeNunzio is good looking, we can all agree to that. But it's his innate talent in perfect poses, effortlessly cool personal style and endless knowledge on sports and music that truly keeps us coming back for more. Jesus locks and all, we took time out of...

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