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JUST A THOUGHT: Flawed Reality of 20 Something Men

'Don't Wait for Him' by Side Saddle is a song that has sparked my slight revelation in accepting men's careless decisions in regards to dating. Not to say I hurt any less enduring the same exact break up speech from my dates or agree with their selfish behaviors and lack of common decency, but now I'm starting to accept it. I still don't understand the absence of general respect that should be bestowed on any human they interact with, let alone someone with whom they've shared intimate moments. Like, keep it to one girl per make out session a night, don't talk about your ex after having sex (yeah, I rhymed), and maybe even keep your word? Okay, so I don't really want to accept the downfall of

manners and the flawed reality of men, however, the song's lyrics, my best girlfriends' far too common experiences and my therapist have all helped me take things less personally.

That all [bitterly] being said, I have re-entered the dating pool with a different attitude: a completely open mind and not one expectation attached. I've come to learn something Sex and the City tried to teach me years ago: the nice guys are douchebags, too. That pleasant attitude you speak of? That's just called charm. That connection you feel? That's him tapping in so he can tap you. Nice guys and true connections are few and far between, but packaged in a pretty face with sparkling smile, we are very easily fooled.

I don't want to say you can't trust any man; that would be a terrifying claim which would cause me to question love in general, and I'm not ready to go there. However, care just a little less, because men are careless. We put too much stock into the one nice guy we meet under the blue moon. Don't let that shade your judgement. DATE DATE DATE! Don't for one second think they aren't dating around too. We are unforutnatley animals with ever wandering eyes, so until a talk of being exclusive or a serious relationship is brought up from his end, don't fully trust him with your feelings. I would say hold out on sleeping with him until then, but hey, we have urges too.

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