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Groomed: Kiehl's Dual-Action Exfoliating Cleanser

Men's skincare can be tough enough to find one product that works well- now Kiehl's has given you one product that can be used for two essential purposes. The "Dual Action Exfoliating Cleanser" can be used both as a daily face wash and an exfoliating Masque. Age Defending in its nature, the cleanser is formulated with Moroccan Lava Clay for a younger and refreshed look. Using it daily will help remove the excess oil and dirt from your face while being gentle enough to not have you break out. One problem we have with other products on the market is that you feel like it's sanding your face off as you rubbing it on your face which is usually the most sensitive part on the body. In fact, we really like the subtle fragrance, leaving a clean tingle on your face.

Stylist’s Tip for everyday wash: Always use with warm water to open up the pores and wash off with slightly lukewarm water. Do not use too much, simply work into a lather and apply in small, circular motions.

Stylist’s Tip to use as a Face Mask: Apply to the face dry and leave on for five minutes. Rinse off with warm water and the same circular motions as described above.

Key Ingredients:

Phytic Acid - Originating from Rice Bran, Kiehl's sources this all the way from Japan. Used as an exfoliant to help reveal smoother, softer skin.

Moroccan Lava Clay- Sourced from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, the lava clay has been used for many years in a variety of skincare products.

At a retail price of $15 for 75 ml and $28 for 150ml, this product won't break the bank while giving you a great feeling on your face all day long.

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