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Valentine's Day 2019 Gift Guide

Valentines Day is just another day to get gifts- but if you're going to get a gift, make sure its the best damn gift your #labelingman actually wants. Here are a few of our favorite pieces of clothing out on the market so you can buy it for your loved one...or yourself because that's really the best gift.

1. Original Penguin Chambray Cassette Shirt- A fun wardrobe staple with a twist that any guy would love to own. We love the throwback to the 1980's with the cassette detailing all over the shirt. The actual cassettes look retro yet the shirt still has a modern feel to it due to the sleek slim fit. The mottled chambray fabric gives the shirt a two-toned look to it, so you can really wear it with anything from jeans to even a pair of chinos in the office. The durable plain weave construction that Original Penguin does to their shirts help it last past many washes. We'd grab one before they are gone as they are offering an additional 30% off.

3. Mission Belt Full-Grain Italian Leather- Customization is all the rage these days and Mission does it best. You can pick between two different sizes (35mm or 40mm), seven different leathers, and four different buckles which is unheard of! What makes these belts a notch above the rest is not just their fit but their high-quality leather. Their full-grain leather is the highest quality, sourced from the the French countryside and tanned in the Tuscan region of Italy. The artisanal process of the leather continues in Italy where it is vegetable tanned, meaning as it grows older the leather gets only more warm and intense. The softness of the leather is undeniable and since each piece of leather is unique, you'll never get another piece that looks like any other. Lastly, the product is eco-friendly, free of any toxic substances, harmful dyes, or anything else. Buy one (or two) of these amazing belts here. A great belt is a needed staple in any mans wardrobe and this is the one.

4. Lacoste Hooded Sweatshirt- Easy, comfortable, and simply a need for any man's closet. The first thing you notice instantly is the softness of the cotton up on your skin. We like the subtle details on the sweatshirt, especially the metal aglets that will keep the cords from fraying. The kangaroo pocket is essential for a guy on the go who wants to carry something light to just throw in there. The hoodie comes in a variety of colors, we personally love the Bordeaux color to switch it up and pairs great with jeans. If you're looking for something more subtle, the Khaki color is a unique find and is also now on sale!

7. Fleur'd Pins- An editors favorite around Labeling Men, these stunning pins truly are a Valentines Day treat! The vivacious red leather is 100% premium lambskin, hand-crafted in New York, and who doesn't want a red rose that will last forever. Founder Andrew Werner tells us “Red is often thought of to be the color of love — but let’s not forget that red is also a color of power. From this Valentine’s Day on, wearing a red Fleur is a symbol that the person wearing it has power over their own life and never forgets to love themselves first.” We couldn't agree more with Werner's sentiment, when you buy an exquisite piece like this, it is all about loving how you look and loving yourself.

8. Shane Co. Cuff Bracelet- A simple yet elegant bracelet to us is always something that can spruce up an everyday look. A recent find, this cuff bracelet is crafter in only the finest quality sterling silver. We love the crisp, clean lines of the bracelet with the subtle detailing in the middle of the bracelet, coated with a rich black rhodium finish. It measures approximately 1/3 of an inch wide so it will fit most hands. We'd recommend wearing it with your jeans and button down semi-casual look to really elevate your outfit!

10. Kiehl's Dual-Action Exfoliating Cleanser- Men generally neglect their skin care- and getting a great product would be the perfect gift. As it is, it can be tough to find one product that works well in the first place- now Kiehl's has given you one product that can be used for two essential purposes. The "Dual Action Exfoliating Cleanser" can be used both as a daily face wash and an exfoliating Masque. Age Defending in its nature, the cleanser is formulated with Moroccan Lava Clay for a younger and refreshed look. Using it daily will help remove the excess oil and dirt from your face while being gentle enough to not have you break out. We like that it leaves the skin moisturized so you can really use it on both dry and oily skin types.

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