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#INCROWD Sophie Auster x KABINETT Holiday Party

Tis the time for Holiday parties galore and we scored a last-minute invitation to an intimate SOHO loft holiday party. New app KABINETT which coins itself as an "anti-Instagram art & culture app, hosted the affair while premiering artist Sophie Auster's new music videos. We got to chatting with co-founder of KABINETT, Eduardo Costantini Jr. who directed one of Sophie's music videos, "Let It Be Spring". When asked about the app, he was explaining that they launched this platform "for the art-house, the independence, and the cult." The idea is that they are truly the anti-Instagram/Snapchat where there is meticulous thought that goes into everything that is posted on their site. Costantini JR. along with co-founder Daniel Kruglikov- who produced Auster's other single 'Let It Go'- curate the site to bring emerging artists along with well-established ones that the community can discover and talk about on the app as well.

Walking around the loft, we loved meeting the dynamic group of artists, models, and musicians, all brought together by Seventh House PR. Guests enjoyed complimentary wine, champagne, and sandwiches while talking about how excited we were to get not one but two musical premiers. For "Let It Be Spring", Auster stated “I wrote ‘Let it be Spring’ about five years ago after someone I was seeing, and head over heels for, unexpectedly left without a word. It was the bitter winter in New York and I was depressed, cold and love sick. So, I’d fantasize about him returning in the spring. All would be forgiven and I’d wear a new dress for our reunion. After weeks hanging onto the hope that he would come back to me, I sat down with my guitar and started to put my daydreams into words. The song has yet to be on an album of mine, but it is a very special song to me and I am happy that there is this live version for KABINETT.” The hauntingly beautiful video was truly a beautiful accompaniment to Auster's unique & emotional song. Perfect for the winter, we have it on repeat, so listen to it right here.

By Nisim Frank.

All images provided by Seventh House PR.

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