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SOCIAL: Ray Ban District 1937 Party

On Thursday, we were handed a last minute invitation to the Ray-Ban debut of "District 1937" event in NYC. The event was held for guests to see the five innovative materials Ray-Ban will be featuring in their 2014/2015 Collection: Titanium, Steel, Velvet, Denim and Leather. From deconstructed workstations, to onsite velvet screen-printing, and steel NYC skyline pop-ups, they cleverly and craftily showcased their new materials.

The highlight of the night was a station that allowed you to custom-make a unique pair of sunglasses. Luckily enough, we were in line next to Zoe Kravitz, a personal fashion icon, who was donned in leather and all things cool. We shared our affections for her look and ended up assisting with picking out her chic Ray Bans. When it was our turn, we knew we had to get a pair inscribed with Labeling Men and are excited to see the results!

The night was closed by a musical performance from the legendary music group Blondie. They may have been around since 1980's, but not only were they still amazing performers, they looked stylish as ever.

Check out Ray-Ban’s current inventory and check back soon for the launch of their newest line at

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