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LAST CALL: Birds Cafe

Neighborhood: Franklin Village

Labels: “Edgar Allan Faux”

One of our favorite Friday night hangouts will always be Birds Café/Bar in Franklin Village. With an outdoor patio, amazing drink specials and staff, Birds is easily our go-to for any occasion! Ask about their giant Jenga set and get ready for some LED Hula Hooping. It doesn’t hurt that Upright Citizen’s Brigade is practically next door, so it’s also the go-to for any aspiring actors, comedians, models, musicians; you name it! With that said, the obvious “label” for our Birds’ regulars is the “Edgar Allan Faux.” The “Edgar Allan Fauxs” are everything we love to hate about Hollywood and dating in Los Angeles. They are well versed in “the industry” and are most likely trying to make it in one facet or another. With their skinny jeans, flannels, combat boots and the inevitable leather jacket, their style is on point. Just one of many reasons we can’t seem to keep away. You know we will be on the lookout for the hipster of our dreams this Friday while celebrating our launch party at Birds. Make sure you tag us on your own hunt for the “Edgar Allan Fauxs” out there, and we might just see you at Birds!

Located at:

5925 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 465-0175

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