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MUSE: Peter Ursich

peter ursich

If you haven't already seen him, you will soon. Up and coming model Peter Ursich is our current muse here at Labeling Men and it's easy to see why. With striking features only comparable to Johnny Depp, and a soul as gentle as Buddah, it's hard to believe men like this exist. We finally took a moment to stop fawning over him to ask him questions we've been dying to hear the answers to. Find out a little about Peter's career path and what kind of sparkle catches his eye.

1. How has your style developed since you first started modeling? What inspires your style now?

I was more teenage kinda hipster things a few years ago. Now I would say I am probably more like your hopeless romantic [Laughs}. More classy, clean, elegant, wears black wears white, polos and button ups, with some jewelry.

2. What are some of your favorite brands that you feel can seemingly transition into any outfit?

Chapter, Prada, Zara, Armani, Topman, Calvin Klein

3. Where is your favorite place during your current travels in regards to fashion?

New York the way the people dress is just more sophisticated, I love it. Especially the girls, they wear things you don't see out here in LA.

4. What was your worst fashion choice?

When I was younger I thought wearing a bath robe was cool, with slippers and sunglasses, and I would think going out in it was cool. My dad would be like "you look like a clown."

5. What influenced you start a career in modeling and acting?

Deep down I knew something was in there. Acting, modeling, or expressing and some of the right people along the way have guided me. I starting working at abercrombie and fitch as a store model, next thing I know my mom is taking me to LA models, next thing I know... I am in Milan doing Roberto Cavalli, and now I am in Stella Adler Conservatory Acting program finishing my second year, ready to start auditioning.

6. Which do you prefer to do more? Model or act?

Modeling is fun I will have to say. The clothes, the models, the travel. But acting is amazing.

7. Do you have a go-to first date item?

Definitely, I think wearing black is always sexy and nice. It is a good go to.

8. Have you dated anyone from modeling or acting gigs, or do you keep it professional?

[Laughs] Of course. Its Probably one of the best things about it. There are many people you get to meet, many opportunities. It is really a fun place to work. So many beautiful people from around the world.

9. (if so) Did it work out? or was it a 'shit where you eat' situation?

It has seemed to always work out. The honest the better. Keep it honest and real, and if you move together or apart and at the end of the day you have yourself. Life is exciting.

10. Whats the most attractive article of clothing a woman can wear?

Wow. Several things lately, I am into when women are wearing all black. Like a black dress or shirt with black pants or a skirt. It is really attractive. But what is always attractive is a woman in a sun dress, it always makes me smile.

11. When you're interested in a woman, do you text or call?

I'm a caller. For sure. I feel like I have more I want to say than in a text. I want to try to be myself as much as possible. It's hard to express in text.. I mean emoticons help a little, but c'mon.

12. Most attractive thing about a woman?

The eyes

13. What's your number one advice you tell yourself when romantically interested in a woman?

Calm down, be yourself, have fun. keep it simple.

14. Any funny/horrifying dating stories?

Probably more like cool ones, one time I was doing a runway show, there was a girl I liked and right after we went straight from the show on a date.

15. Lastly, words you live by?

I asked my friend Bruno how he did it once, how he was so happy. He replied to me in english with his portuguese accent "Just Enjoy"

Photographed in a Matiere top

Follow his modeling journey on Instagram: @peterurisch + click for more Editorials featuring Peter.

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