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MUSE: Kyle Hocking

Outfit Credits: TOPMAN Shirt | Levi's Denim | TOPMAN Oxford Shoes | Timex Watch | H&M Backpack

We are always checking out other men’s fashion websites, and we recently came across one we loved! Blogger Kyle Hocking’s site, The Simple Child, is a lifestyle blog that covers travel, style and much more. We asked Kyle if he could give us a little insight into his Chicago-based world of fashion and dating, and we couldn’t wait to share it with our readers!

Labeling Men: What is your one go-to item for any outfit?

Kyle Hocking: For me it’s all about the shoes. The shoes make the outfit. In the summer, a pair of classic Vans or Converse are my go-to shoes. In the fall and winter, I am all about the desert boots.

L.M: What are some of your favorite brands that you feel can seamlessly transition into any outfit?

K.H: TOPMAN offers a wide variety of clothing. They have casual clothes to suits and everything in between. I almost always have a piece from TOPMAN included in my outfit.

L.M: What is your advice to guys regarding the new and current trends?

K.H: I would say you don’t always have to follow the latest trends. Some trends look better on some as they do on others. Go with what works for you.

L.M: Where is your favorite place during your current travels in regards to fashion?

K.H: I was in Sydney, Australia and loved everything about it. It’s a very transient city which helps make it a melting pot of different styles that all work together. I love mixing West Coast looks with the sophisticated style of the East Coast, and that’s exactly what you get in Sydney.

L.M: What influenced you to become a fashion blogger?

K.H: I’ve always loved clothes, shoes and shopping, but the blogging actually started as a hobby. I thought, “oh, maybe my family and a few friends will read it.” I started to publish some of my posts on Instagram and Twitter and then a few months later I had a following. It was awesome!

L.M: Is there one item you would suggest a guy wear on a first date?

K.H: I always think you should wear something that complements your best physical feature. If you have nice legs then wear a pair of well-fitted shorts. If you have pretty eyes, wear a shirt color that makes them pop even more.

L.M: Any dating advice in general?

K.H: Be yourself. I think we don’t notice when we aren’t being ourselves. It’s okay to disagree. Eat what you want. Don’t hide your quirks. Those are all things they will come to love and appreciate about you in the future.

L.M: Do you have a funny or horrifying dating story?

K.H: I went on a date once where ten minutes in their [phone] alarm went off. I asked if everything was okay. They proceeded to tell me they needed to harvest their crops real quick on Farmville before they wilt. They then proceeded to farm for the next ten minutes. I blocked that number as soon as that date ended. Yikes!

Check out Kyle’s blog at, and follow him on social media @kylehocking.

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