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NYFW: SS15 Well Kept

For our first stop on the New York Fashion Week train, we hit up women's wear line Well Kept. Designer Brianna De Rose was able to give us quick insight on what went into her 2015 F/W line.

Labeling Men: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us!

Brianna De Rosa: Thank you for coming, I really appreciate it!

LM: Our first question is, how would you "label" your line?

BDR: I think it is a hybrid between athletic wear and women's contemporary fashion. It's really nice material, super versatile wear, for day into night and that is what we are really trying to capture with each collection as we move forward.

LM: If you had to pick one "fun" piece, which one would you say?

BDR: Ummm...

LM: Well, maybe two then!

BDR: I think that it''s called a Monaco jacket, with mesh long sleeve and it's a tie-bow silhouette and it's super feminine, and we added some very cool sportswear mesh to it which gives that nice look.

LM: Can you please point out which one that is?

BDR: With the blue leggings.

LM: Love that!

BDR: And obviously, the blue leggings are my favorite.

LM: Besides your own, which other collections are you most excited to see?

BDR: I think it's Garrett Pugh currently. He is finally showing in New York, as he has always showed in Paris. I'm also excited for "The Row." They do such a nice job of minimalist, feminine attitude.

LM: Last but not least, give us three words to summarize your collection.

BDR: I think it is: Very Innovative, Creative, and Super Versatile.

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