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Who REEEAAALLY wants to cook the morning/afternoon after? Whether it's a one-night stand or your partner of 10 years, take them to Cofax-they've got you covered. Our favorite thing about them is the breakfast burrito. We think that it's the best in LA, and many would agree. There are two options: Chorizo or Veggie. Both include scrambled eggs, smoked potato hash (potatoes, garlic, bell pepper and onions), pico de gallo, tortilla chips, and cheese, but adding avocado is definitely the way to go. They also come with a smoked tomatillo salsa as well as a hotter red salsa.

Pair that with a donut from Donut Snob and a cappuccino and you are set. With excellent coffee roasted at Stumptown, Kombucha and cold brew on tap, a friendly staff and always on point music, you'd be pressed to find a better spot after burning off a few calories the night before.

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