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SOCIAL: GQ x Lacoste Event

On Thursday night, we were invited to the hottest party going on in NYC, which was hosted by GQ and LACOSTE to celebrate their GQxLACOSTE Sport Pop Up Shop in the Meatpacking District. With a gaggle of immaculately dressed eye-candy entering the event every minute, this was THE spot to nab yourself a #CaptainKennedy!

The shop was a perfect blend of the traditional Lacoste clothing with the lifestyle the brand portrays. The various brightly-colored headphones on the wall were from the app "Spring," which encourages users to listen to music based on how quickly they are moving. In NYC, we are always on the move and they have the music for those power walking to work to those sprinters in Central Park. Next to that, we got to test out our golf swing in style with their fun golf station. We've never seen a golf club swung so many different ways before!

With aptly named cocktails such as the Croc-Tini, Tee'd Up Manhattan, and Old Fashioned Polo, Lacoste really thought of it all! Music for the night was spun by the very talented DJ Chelsea Leyland. Famous attendees included Taye Diggs, Justin Bartha, Taylor Kitsch and New York Yankee Francisco Cervelli.

Shop Lacoste's FW 14 Collection October 24-27 from 12-6 at 402 West 13th Street

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