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BEHIND THE SEAMS: Stitches of Style

We are always looking for accessories to accent our favorite looks, when we came across Stitches of Style, we knew that this would be the perfect addition to complete our Hopeless Romantic’s ensemble. Check out their new collection and bio below. It’s all in the details.

"2014 marked the official launch of Stitches of Style. After several years of development and careful planning, Goniur “Rez” Ahmed and Kazi Labib Ahmed embarked on delivering a vision of style. This vision steamed from their individual enthusiasm and passion for fashion, which is represented in the products they exhibit in their collections. Once we started this journey we collaborated and continue to work with Dilmuna Hussain and Fazlul Rahman who play pivotal roles within our company. The products have been selected or designed in house by the founder and chief designer, Rez, and all carry their trademark style. The designs cleverly include items that are within our wardrobes, for example, our button polka dot design. Combining our signature style with popular patterns with a twist is something that sets Stitches of Style apart from other brands. Stitches of Style, simply put, is all about the attention to details. It is focused on making the ordinary wardrobe, extraordinary. With that in mind they have created unique and limited edition pieces that will illuminate the clothes you already own. Like any garment you may own, every little stitch matters and it is this conceptual view that Stitches of Style has for its products. Stitches of Style lives with the philosophy “don’t get dressed up, just get dressed”, meaning that every man should look his best every day. Likewise the brand hopes to deliver products that help embody this philosophy."

Photo: Marup Ahmed

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