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SOCIAL: CAT Footwear Preview Event

On Wednesday we attended the CAT Footwear exclusive preview for their Spring/Summer 2015 collection at their new Pop-Up location in Midtown. The unique presentation was presented with four different outfit changes - white heat, black & white, colorful freestyle, and denim on denim to show the versatility of the boots. The collection also introduces a new collaboration with London-based graphic print designer, Camille Walala which showcase her unique patterns on the CAT shoes.

While sipping on cocktails, we briefly chatted with two Cat Footwear executives about their first Pop-Up shop in the USA and why they chose NYC as the spot to be.

Labeling Men: What is the inspiration behind the brand?

CAT Footwear: The brand comes from an industrial heritage, so our foundation is in work and in industrial innovation. So all of our products come from that inspiration, that is our starting point for everything that we do. How tough is it, how durable is it, what is the beauty, what's the fashion in a real functional aspect of our product.

L.M: What type of guy do you see wearing the brand?

C.F: Our guy is bold, they are empowered, they have a great sense of fashion and confidence. They may not be that "crazy fashion-forward guy," but they have a perspective on that level.

L.M: And where do you see them wearing them around NYC?

C.F: All year round! We are a 12 month brand. We see them wearing the brand in the city and out, we are an urban brand. Anything that the city can dish out, our boots can take!

L.M: Talk a little bit about the boots...

C.F: The "Colorado Boot" is the iconic boot of the brand. Everything that you see out of this room comes from that boot. The family tree starts here, when we took over the brand from a lifestyle perspective, men's or women's, it comes off as rugged, tough, durable, authentic American boot reflecting the company's values.

Shop for your favorite pair of CAT Footwear at the Pop-Up shop before they are gone!

cat footwear
cat footwear
cat footwear
cat footwear
cat footwear
cat footwear
cat footwear

Photographs by Peter Roessler

Interview by Nisim Frank

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