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MUSE: Model Sam Krumrine

Model Muse Same Krumrine

Who are some Fashion Icons?

James Bond, of course.

Anything Jon Snow rocks in Game of Thrones

Gary Clark Jr. always looks like a near homeless guitar slinging badass…inspirational.

My grandfather. He’s one traditionally classy S.O.B.

Do your Detroit roots influence your style?

Yes, I think so, in multiple ways.

First of all, there’s a great deal of practicality growing up in southeastern Michigan…being that it gets cold as shit for a good chunk of the year. I LOVE some layers that contain flannel, leather, denim and a solid pair of boots. This, wherein, lies the conundrum. When, in LA, do you ever really get the chance to wear a legit flannel and a baller leather jacket and ACTUALLY be comfortable throughout the entirety of the time you’re out? NEVER! I don’t care how acclimated one gets to this dry, hot SoCal climate…you’re never a bitch enough to justify donning the leather clad Dutch oven look.

That being said, we all do it anyways, and will continue to do so until that thick flannel, rich leather, and durable denim wastes away into oblivion. (Which is never because the legit shit is made well and will last long enough to be passed down to your grandchildren…which makes it that much more undeniable!)

Also, those old Motown cats dressed to the nines, no matter how much or little cash they had…and they worked their asses off to create that sound that changed music forever. That kind of soul will make anyone look sexy as hell in whatever they’re wearing.

What are some of your favorite brands that you feel can seemingly transition into any outfit?

To be completely honest, I’m really not to particular on specific brands but more particular about individual pieces. My mood changes so often, and it takes my style along with it at times, so I will admit…I have commitment issues. That being said, and to not completely leave this answer hanging, I always have a stock of Calvin Klein briefs and t-shirts on hand. Also, there is some really incredible denim out there these days, but I’m not going to lie, I have trouble paying top dollar for some of that amazing stuff, mainly because I cannot keep anything I own clean. I’ve been abusing Levi’s for years…but we still have a very harmonious relationship.

What city or country’s style vibe do you connect with the most?

London. I feel like it’s the hub of taking truly classic looks and putting a modern twist on them to keep them relevant in today’s world. I mean, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…much. Everyone, from the classic English gentleman to the grimy Rock-n-Rolla looks fit as hell. Refined whilst still not giving a fuck.

Also, I have dreams of driving through the Scottish countryside completely covered head to toe in tweed. Add a cashmere scarf and a beautiful woman by my side to the mix…look out world!

How does your love of music relate to or influence your style?

Fashion is just as much a form of expression as music, so I feel like there’s definitely a physical side to the inspiration that I get from certain artists, whether it’s conscious or not. From the visually simplistic, minimalist singer songwriter who gently cradles an audience in the palm of his hand to the eccentric, flamboyant full package showman who aggressively grabs hold of the onlookers imagination with the over the top costumes and tantalizing light show…the physical makes you hear the music differently.

It’s the full aesthetic that creates the emotions that are felt in the moment and implants the memories to reminisce about later. I mean, musicians are sexy as it is, but a musician who knows how to dress well and owns it on a stage…look the fuck out!

What band or musician, past or present, do you feel has the best style?

I mentioned Gary Clark Jr. earlier. Its all very simple, kind of stereotypical modern musician styling, but hell, I’m all about it.

If I were to pick one artist though that has to be the coolest mutha funka of all musical time, it would have to be Jimi Hendrix. Hands down. He was the full package. I mean, you can’t push the guitar playing boundaries the way he did and not be the raddest looking dude in absolutely every room that you walked in to. I’m pretty positive that it’s a requirement, nay…a responsibility to mankind, if you’re blessed with such Earth-shaking gifts.

What was your worst fashion choice?

I used to teach in a performing arts company when I first moved out to California. We toured all over the world, teaching workshops to thousands of kids. Being that it was heavily music and dance based, I thought that I was super cool when I found a pair of leather fingerless gloves at some point during the tour. I decided at that moment that I would wear them pretty much every day for the rest of the particular three-month tour that I was on. O, and what pairs perfectly with leather fingerless gloves…. a bandana on my head, of course. How could I not be the coolest kid in school in school?! Don’t worry…I had multiple bandana colors to rotate between depending on what badass cut off tank I decided to wear that day.

Fucking flawless.

What influenced you start a career in modeling/acting?

My parent both had performing backgrounds earlier in their lives. My mom was a dancer for years, and my dad played in some bands when he was younger and is the key influence in my musical upbringing. Anyways, always loved music. My mom pushed me to be in some musicals when I was in middle school. I played the, “Mom, this stuff isn’t cool!” card for a while, but deep down I absolutely loved being on stage and performing for people. I quickly learned of the power of inspiration and influence that can come from being on a stage. There’s no feeling like it.

As far as the modeling goes, when I first started doing it, I had trouble finding any purpose or actual enjoyment about it. I felt like there you had to fit a certain mold, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally as well, that I just naturally wasn’t about. The more I did it though, the more I realized the positive potential of it. I guess the influence came from looking at the bigger picture of modeling. You get to physically emulate a photographer emotional vision to create art. You get to bring designers’ textile dreams to life. The sense of collaboration is what I find most appealing to it. Being a part of another’s artist vision is a beautiful thing.

How would you label or define your style?

Hmmm… I guess one could say its mostly pretty simple with subtle stylistic accents. Very mood-based.

I don’t think I can break it down into a one or two word description, but if I had to, I’m usually going for “Good Looking”… I guess that can be very subjective to some people…

How does what you wear affect your mood?

I like to feel like a look well put together and at the same time feel comfortable, physically and emotionally, to take on what the world might have in store for me on any given day. That balance is key to me. If something doesn’t fit well, it can sometimes make me feel restricted of movement and I feel like an aspect of life is limited to me through the lack of physical freedom. Then again, no body wants to being swimming in whatever they’re wearing either.

Do you have a go-to first date item?

Well, I guess it depends on where and when the date takes place, but if the weather and chosen destination permit, I’ll usually layer with a trusty denim jacket and a pair of brown boots, of which I have a decent selection. Depending on the rest of the ensemble, I can easily dress it up or down, while keeping it rather casual. That being said, I like to keep first dates pretty casual/comfortable to allow for any unexpected, spontaneous adventure to ensue. (Those are the best ones in my book.)

Have you dated anyone from modeling gigs, or do you keep it professional?

Actually, no I haven’t.

Would I? Absolutely.

What’s the most attractive article of clothing a woman can wear?

A woman rocking a tattered, worn in t-shirt with authority is always sexy to me. Who doesn’t feel completely comfortable in their favorite old t-shirt?? No one…that’s who! Plus, with such a shirt, there’s usually nothing to hide behind or be distracted by so you’re most likely getting a pretty fair and open representation of HER. Now, I understand that that’s a pretty strong generalization and it’s not ALWAYS the case. Where the magic really lies though, is seeing that same woman who owned the shit out of that old t-shirt and hour ago, come walking out to the car in her favorite cocktail dress and man eater heals…. She knows what she’s doing. Sexy. As. Hell.

What is the number one piece of dating advice you can give?

I’m sure the answer to this question is extremely different for many people, but I’m going to have to go with:

Don’t waste your time with someone that you don’t feel an immediate connection with. We all live very busy lives. Prioritizing and time management are a big part of life, especially in a city like LA, and even more so in the entertainment industry, where consistency is almost nonexistent. Such a schedule can make anyone feel like time to find the right person is quickly running out and can create a tendency to latch on to whatever is closest and/or most convenient in the present situation. OK, they might be gorgeous with an impressive resume…but this city is filled with gorgeous people with impressive resumes! If you continuously question if this person is right for you to continue to see, then stop wasting your precious time questioning and move the fuck on!

What is your biggest fashion pet-peeve?

People, both male and female, wearing clothing that prevents them from function in daily life. I totally support experimenting with some extravagant, crazy avant garde shit, in both the daily grind and in a show atmosphere, but when it quickly becomes a handicap…I think the line has been crossed.

Dudes, pull up your damn pants. The ass out the back of the pants look is just straight stupid, no matter how many imaginary pistols you need to have space for in your trousers.

Ladies, wear those badass high heels, ONLY if you can rock the shit out of them. Bambi’s cute and all, but only in the Disney movies. The way a woman naturally moves is sexy. Don’t willingly obstruct that. Leave the heels at home and strut it out in those flats on the dance floor…meet you there.

What is your “can’t live without” grooming product?

Old Spice deodorant

I have been donning the “dirty, hairy, white guy” look for a while now, so I don’t mind looking a bit haggard here and there. It’s the smelling so fresh and so clean part that is truly essential. I don’t NEED much, but the deo is an absolute necessity.

Finish the sentence…”I never leave home without my…”

“I never leave home without my…”


If I have the option, I will usually always choose to walk somewhere over driving every time. You really get to take in where you are and notice what’s around you at a slower pace, which in turn, makes me feel more connected to where I am at that moment in life. So…why not give life a playlist? Playing music whilst adventuring helps me recall certain memories easier. I can affiliate the time and place that I was at with a song. When I go back and listen to that song weeks, months, even years later, I can be teleported back to that exact moment and recall even more vivid memories of that moment than if I had not had some music to connect it with. I mean, that happens with all of us, but its something that I personally hold very dearly.

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