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One of our favorite parts about LA is the plethora of food trucks. Amazing food on the cheap, roaming the streets of LA. This Cheap Date is for one of the most inventive fusion foods, The Kogi Truck. Incorporating classic flavors of Korean BBQ with the ever convenient taco, The Kogi Truck has introduced to a whole new way to enjoy gourmet food. With $2.00 tacos and $6.00 burritos you and your foodie date can sit back and relax with insanely delish food.

"A roving symbol of rebellion, independence and the belief that excellent food can be had on a dime budget." And we could not agree more! Be sure try their signature Short Rib Taco or our favorite, the Kogi Kimchi Quesadilla. You'll find the schedule for their route at the website below to plan your next Cheap Date.

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