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SOCIAL: PINCHme One Year Anniversary

On November 12th, we attended the "PINCHme" one year anniversary & their one-million user. Located in our #southerncharmers favorite NoHo restaurant Acme Lounge , we were taken down to the basement and greeted with a mean Tequila cocktail and some great hors d'oeurves. Having thought of every minute detail, the event holders had us log into the official Acme wifi for us. As we made our way around the event, the photographer was taking pictures of #selfies which was a playful twist to a regular photo-og.

With the holidays coming up, the idea of PINCHme is delightfully brilliant. On their website, you choose from a variety of products, try them out absolutely FREE, and all they ask is that you share your experiences with it. Our personal box included Toms of Maine, Revlon by Marchesa, Kleenex, Kisstixx, Paris Presents, and more! Perfect for travel, trying new products that work for you without wasting money on taking a chance on "that new brand you never heard of", the Australian born company has made it easy for even the most simple guy to find an upkeeping system (basically trying to say maintaining and looking good) that works!

As the event was winding down, we saw guests snapping away instragramming with the hashtag #PinchmeParty in order for their change to win some prizes along with a printout of their photo. While we didn't win the grand prize, these amazing samples made the event well worth it. (is that okay to say haha)

Sign up today at Pinch Me for some FREE samples!

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