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SOCIAL: Tahaanga Launch Party

There is something about a start-up fashion line that really resonates with us - the unknown, the willingness to start from bare bones, a fresh perspective to the sometimes mundane world of menswear. On a brisk NYC Wednesday night, we attended the official Tahaanga launch party, where they debuted their line of mens dress shirts that they themselves dub "the fastest drying mens dress shirt on earth.”

Tahaanga's shirts are all about the detail. Manufactured in Italy and designed locally in NYC, they use the latest cutting-edge fabric, so much so that it is the first time this fabric has ever been used in menswear. The shirt has no need for an iron, it's odor resistant, sweat-proof and will hold up in the hustle and bustle of New York City, day and night. The subtle plaid sleeve detail, pearl buttons, and red stitching adds the sophistication and attention to fine detail Tahaanga prides itself on.

We caught up with the founder of Tahaanga, Manuela Fassbender, for a quick word about the brand in her words.

Labeling Men: Tell us how the concept of the brand came to you.

Manuela Fassbender: I was thinking - I have my own consulting firm - three years ago we got into fashion technology and I was thinking about menswear and sustainability. You can wear it, go to work, then go out and celebrate and not sweat. It's important for guys to have that!

L.M: Did you have New York City in mind when you were creating the brand?

M.F: Of course! It was the inspiration. Because you have a lot of people who are biking, you have people who are coming in and running around...And there is nothing out there which combines athletic and business wear. There is a whole gap in the market. The guys either shop for athletic wear or business and we are combining both.

For additional information on Tahaanga, visit their website at or their Kickstarter where you can watch their official promotional video and donate to their great line, which runs through December 6, 2014, by clicking here.

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Photo credit: Roberto Martini

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