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SOCIAL: Haspel Anniversary Event

On Wednesday night, we were invited to the swankiest celebration in town! Iconic men's suit wear brand Haspel celebrated its 105th anniversary at the Griffin in NYC's meatpacking district. They brought their signature southern charm to the north with a New Orleans themed cocktail party headlined by legendary New Orleans jazz band Henry Butler & Friends. They had all the party attendees dancing the evening away with their classic sound.

Not lost on us was the fun retrospect which included suits from different eras, anywhere from the 1930s on to the 1970s. We were excited to find out that the brand has been relaunched in Spring of 2014 by design duo Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos from the men's brand Shipley & Halmos. The display of the Fall 2014 collection showed the modernization the duo brought to the clothing, yet remained true to Haspel's identity.

To celebrate the anniversary, Haspel teamed up with some of the hippist accessories lines such as Brooklyn Watches, AO Eyewear, Mulholland, and more! The quote of the night was by Jeff Halmos, “With this anniversary, we wanted to think about the Haspel of the future and how we might round out this guy’s life and wardrobe,” said Halmos. “We also wanted to make sure our collaborators reflected the Haspel man’s sense of humor, style and confidence.”

Noted guests that we briefly chatted with were Bravo's Andy Cohen, photographer & Fleur'd designer Andrew Werner, and actor Eric West.

Check out Haspel here!

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