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LIFESTYLE: Haunted Hayride at Griffith Park

It’s almost Halloween and what’s a better way to get close to your SO than to scare them? This week’s cheap date is the Haunted Hayride through Griffith Park. Now a LA Halloween tradition, The Haunted Hayride is 25 minutes of terrifying shrieks and shrills with state of the art special effects to create an “Armie of Demonic Forces.” Only in Hollywood.

After the Hayride, feel free to try your hand through the Dark Maze or the Haunted Village. The Dark Maze would be the perfect time to protect your date with only a lantern and your senses to guide you through the labyrinth. The Haunted Village is a live interactive theater reenacting scenes from all the classic horror movies. Seriously, you couldn’t have a more perfect, spooky, Halloween date.

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